I’m an artist, a teacher, a father, and a husband – though that order fluctuates regularly.  I live in a 100-year-old house, in the town I was born, and I teach at the high school I graduated from.  Louisiana “bookends” my pilgrimage.  

CalArts outfitted my art and philosophy.  UCLA cultivated it.  

Los Angeles gave way to Houston.  Houston gave way to a studio fire and creative output shifted to my growing family.  Louisiana called.  We answered.

I’ve exhibited from Los Angeles to New York, Houston to Frankfurt, and several places in between.

It’s been said about me and my work:

“Robbie is very gifted, serious, intelligent, and his work is provocative.”  
 -Edward Albee (Pulitzer Prize winning playwright)

“When I first encountered Robbie’s work, I found myself in an interesting position as a viewer.  I could never determine where the work was coming from.” 
 -Charles Ray (Los Angeles-based sculptor)

“Robbie’s work combines a sophisticated and original notion of painting and sculpture, with a fascinating and moving representation of a unique personal mythology of his Southern upbringing.”
-Dennis Cooper (American novelist, poet, and critic)

“Robbie’s work is at once engaging, imposing even, and yet oddly withdrawn and secretive.” 
 -Lane Relyea (Editor-in-Chief of Art Journal)

“If Austin’s work is any indication of the aesthetic potential of dividing one’s time between the nursery and the tool shed, then perhaps there is something to be said for clean living.”
-C. Sean Horton (art dealer)

“I know Robbie’s work is very seriously considered and thoughtfully executed.  Robbie is making art for the sole purpose of exorcising his creative urges in any manner necessary.  It has soul.”
-R. Eric Davis (artist)